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We are a team of enthusiasts working in IT environment. We have created a great number of projects, majority of which are well-known to users of Internet. Due to the fact that we worked on those projects as subcontractors, and the final products were introduced under someone else’s brand and logo, we can not explicitly list the names of our past inventions.

It took us time to make a decision to start working independently so we can share the fruits of our labor and experience with all of you. Now it’s time for us to introduce you our ideas under our name. We hope you’ll find them helpful in your work and will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy our hobbies.

In a career of every webmaster there are times when you need to quickly create an element for the website which can be done by only with plugins. At the moment we can offer you a few plugins for jQuery and WordPress.

New plugins for WordPress and jQuery


18 Sep 2011
ExColor was updated to version 1.2
Now available a new option z_index. With this option you can specify CSS value Z-INDEX.
This option was added at the request of users: Cory Loken and Marta of Hard Drive Recovery Associates. Thank you for participating in the development of the project!
26 Aug 2011
Fixed path to WordPress folder, if it installed in not root of website.
20 Jul 2011
We are starting!
Hooray! We are very glad to inform you, what is running right now! Allow us to present you are new plugins for WordPress and jQuery.
26 May 2011
Technical work on the site
Work on the site are suitable to the final stage.

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