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Especially important fill in the «Site URL» and «E-Mail»
The serial number of the plugin, will be send into your email.
This plugin will be registered on the URL you specify in the field «Site URL».

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The registration fee is only $ 1

What will happen after registration
After registering plug-in you will receive a letter that will contain the serial number. Also this information is will be displayed on the screen. Enter the received serial number in the control panel and it will be registered. Your registration will help us to buy a server for a project which will be of a services and tools for webmasters, free of charge and without advertising. Thank you for your participation!

Prior to registration, at this script is not imposed no restrictions on the functionality and capabilities, the user can fully familiarize yourself with the software prior to the registration process, and to finally decide, he needed this script or not. Therefore, the money from the registration will not be returned. The requests for refunds will be regarded as an unworthy acts or fraud on.

Risk Disclosure
Proposed goods and services are provided not by the order the person or enterprise operating system WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent company providing services to, and we take our own decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises operating system WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and does not accept any responsibility for our actions.
Certification, applied from the WebMoney Transfer side, only confirms our contact information and identity. She performed at our request and did not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.

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